Ducks and swimming pools can create a charming scene, but our feathered friends pose a unique challenge for pool owners. At J&M Pool Supply, we understand that maintaining a crystal-clear pool is a top priority for those seeking to enjoy a backyard oasis. Let’s explore practical ways to keep ducks out of your pool. 

Understanding the Challenge: Ducks and Swimming Pools

Ducks are naturally drawn to water; your pool is just another inviting personal pond to explore. However, their presence can lead to unwanted consequences, including water contamination, droppings, and potential damage to pool equipment.

Ways to Keep Ducks Out of Your Pool:

  1. Invest in a Safety Cover:

Installing a sturdy safety cover is an excellent way to keep ducks out of swimming pool water. Simply fasten the cover to prevent any feathery visitors from taking a plunge. While we do not offer safety covers in-store, our counterpart, J&M Pool Company, provides expert safety cover installations. Contact J&M today to select the right safety cover for your pool and schedule comprehensive service to have it installed. 

  1. Install Pool Alarms:

Consider installing a pool alarm system that detects motion in the water. These alarms can alert you when ducks or other objects enter the pool. They not only help keep ducks away but also add an extra layer of security to your pool.

  1. Try Decoys and Repellents:

Ducks are less likely to approach a pool that appears occupied. Strategically placing floating decorations or inflatables can create the illusion of activity, deterring ducks from making your pool their personal pond. Consider using decoy predators or repellents designed specifically for ducks. Ducks are wary of potential threats and unfamiliar objects, and decoys like floating alligators can discourage them from entering the pool area. At J&M Pool Supply, we carry a variety of floats perfect for keeping ducks far away from your pool.

  1. Consult your Local Pool Supply Experts:

At J&M Pool Supply, your trusted pool supply company in Peachtree City, we provide top-quality pool equipment and expert advice on maintaining a clean and pest-free pool environment. If you’re facing challenges with ducks in your pool, our knowledgeable team is here to help. 

Maintaining a duck-free pool is possible with the right strategies and quality pool supplies. Ensure a peaceful and clean swimming environment by implementing these tips, and reach out to us at 470.613.7665 or via email at for personalized assistance. Let’s keep your pool a quack-free zone.