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Why Marquis®?

The Importance of American Built Marquis Spas

Discover the Phenomenal Benefits of Marquis Spas' MicroSilk

Jet Therapy Puts Marquis Spas Above the Rest

Discover the Importance of Seating Design with Marquis Spas

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The Truth About Salt & Chlorine in Spas with Marquis Spas

Hot Tubs and Spas in Peachtree City, GA

There are many benefits of having a hot tub and spa in your backyard or as an addition to your pool areas. They provide a place to relax in privacy or spend time with your family. Spa and hot tub units provide invigorating hydrotherapy from the spa jets, giving you a soothing massage while you enjoy the hot water. At J&M Pool Supply in Peachtree City, GA, we offer Marquis® hot tubs and spas that include advanced, powerful hydrotherapy to provide a soothing experience in your backyard or patio. We can also help you with hot tub installation, maintenance, and other pool and spa needs.

Why Marquis®?

Why Marquis over other Hot Tubs?

  • Started in 1980 – Proven history built behind design and customer satisfaction
  • The designers and engineers have been with the company since the founding.
  • Long term loyalty has dramatically improved the innovations of Marquis hot tubs
  • Seating design is built for the ultimate hot tub experience
  • Patented jet and flow design allows for isolated flow and maximum therapy
  • The water is filtered and sanitized to create ease of maintenance, proper chemical readings, comfort, and minimum complexity
  • Marquis’ Innovations won’t be seen anywhere else in the marketplace

Our Hot Tub and Spa Products and Services

Marquis hot tubs stand above the rest for their advanced hydrotherapy feature and superior design. These hot tubs come in various models offering different sitting patterns, jets and jet styles, and other features.

Premium Marquis hot tubs provide exceptional performance. They feature elegant designs with practical seating that optimizes the user’s experience, making Marquis one of the best brands on the market for hot tubs.

Hot Tub and Spa Benefits

Installing a hot tub or spa in your backyard provides aesthetic benefits to your scenery and a place of relaxation that can improve your health. Spending time in a hot tub or spa can help reduce the symptoms of various types of bodily pains and aches and provide an overall warm, soothing experience for the body.

Using a Marquis ®hot tub with MicroSilk®, it hydrates, moisturizes, reduces fine lines, and promotes glowing, radiant skin by stimulating circulation and cellular respiration through dissolved oxygen at the skin surface. It is like an oxygen facial for your entire body!

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