Pool Chemicals and Water Testing

in Peachtree City, GA


Pool Chemicals and Water Testing in Peachtree City, GA

The chemistry in your pool is of vital importance. Maintaining proper pool chemistry helps keep the water balanced and promotes water cleanliness through adequate sanitation, which is essential for the health of your family and guests. Weekly pool maintenance should include adding any necessary chemicals and testing the water. At J&M Pool Supply, we can help you spend less time on pool maintenance and more time enjoying your pool through the effective pool chemical products we offer from Poolife®.

Our Pool Chemical and Water Testing Products and Services

Our team can help ensure your pool has the ideal chemistry throughout the swimming season. We offer pool chemicals that enable you to add the right chemicals at the right time to achieve and maintain properly balanced pool water. Or, we can provide water testing and pool maintenance services to ensure your pool chemistry remains in the acceptable range. These products and services also help extend the life of your pool surface, equipment, and decking.

The Importance of Proper Pool Balance

Improper pool chemistry can cause various problems with your pool. For instance, if the water chemistry is off, the water will corrode and rust the various metal components in most pools. The way to prevent or fix this issue is to raise the pH level of the pool water. A pH formula or soda ash that raises the pool’s pH can solve the problem.

With proper pool maintenance and chemistry, you can ensure your pool remains safe for your family and your pool’s components. If you need help maintaining your pool chemistry or notice damage from unbalanced pool chemistry, our team at J&M Pool Supply offers free help. Bring in a water sample from your pool, and we will test the sample to provide recommendations for the proper pool chemicals you need to keep your pool water in balance.

Get Pool Chemicals and Water Testing Near Me in Peachtree City, GA

To learn more about the various swimming pool chemicals and water testing products and services we offer at J&M Pool Supply, call our team today at 470.613.7665 or email retail@jmpools.com.

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