After a long day or an intense workout, the promise of sinking into a warm, bubbling hot tub is enticing. But are hot tubs good for muscle recovery? At J&M Pool Supply, we recognize the therapeutic potential of hot tubs for muscle recovery and overall well-being. Let’s immerse ourselves in the rejuvenating world of hot tubs and discover their profound impact on sore muscles.

Hot Tubs for Sore Muscles
Using hot water for muscle relief dates back centuries, and hot tubs have perfected this age-old remedy. Hot tubs unlock the power of heat to relax muscles and soothe tension. As you soak in the heated water, your blood vessels dilate, promoting better circulation. This increased blood flow delivers oxygen and essential nutrients to your muscles, aiding their recovery.

The Magic of Hydrotherapy

The gentle massaging action of the bubbles in a hot tub provides a therapeutic touch. These bubbles create a buoyant environment, reducing the effects of gravity on your body, allowing for gentle movement, and easing tension and stiffness. This buoyancy reduces pressure on joints and muscles, facilitating a sense of weightlessness that relieves soreness and promotes muscle relaxation. Contact us to learn about MicroSilk®, a groundbreaking form of hydrotherapy available on any of the Marquis® spas we carry.

Targeted Therapy for Aches and Pains
Another reason a hot tub is good for muscles is that whether it’s post-workout fatigue or the strains of daily life, hot tubs provide targeted therapy for specific muscle groups. While the warm water helps muscles relax, easing knots and tension, you can adjust the jets to focus on areas that need extra attention, offering a personalized and effective massage experience.

Stress Reduction & Improved Sleep Quality

The combination of heat and buoyancy promotes the release of endorphins, your body’s natural stress relievers. This contributes to a sense of well-being and relaxation that prepares your body for a restful night, allowing your muscles to recover and repair during sleep.

MicroSilk® Oxygen Skin Therapy

J&M Pool Supply offers Marquis Spas. All Marquis spas have the option to come with MicroSilk® Oxygen Skin Therapy. This rejuvenates, repairs, and re-invigorates skin for a youthful, refreshed appearance. Increased oxygen levels result in better circulation and cellular respiration, which leaves the skin glowing and radiant due to rapid skin cell regeneration. Soaking in a MicroSilk® cloud improves serotonin levels, increases skin metabolism, and deep cleans pores to remove impurities.

Hot Tub Selection and Expert Advice with J&M Pool Supply

The selection of hot tubs and spas can be overwhelming. At J&M Pool Supply, we guide you in choosing a hot tub that aligns with your preferences and therapeutic needs. From sizes and jet configurations to energy efficiency, our expertise ensures that your hot tub is a custom haven for maximum muscle recovery and relaxation. Ask us about our spa fragrance and mineral products to enhance your spa experience even more.     
Contact J&M Pool Supply today at 470.613.7665 or to explore the possibilities of enhancing your backyard with a hot tub installation.